As usual at this days, there is a prestigious base football tournament. We refer to the MIC (Meditarranean International Cup). It’s a contest that brings together a large number of base teams from Spain and Catalonia, and also we must add the representation of the reserve of the main teams in Europe. This year they have not missed the appointment FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester City or París Saint Germain among many others.

2017 has been the 17th edition of this tournament. The organization improves every year, so it is a world reference event. For the occasion have been counted on 7 categories of soccer 11 v 11, and 2 more of soccer 7 v 7 for the smallest kids. We must add female sections for every category.

Wospac offered a selection of players from Australia, Costa Rica, China and Italy, among others. These players currently belong to the Wospac training academy or they have belonged in the past. That is because we understand that we must train players in values such as tolerance, companionship and education through sport.

Contest has offered international reputation matches. We saw FC Barcelona VS Real Madrid, Bayern Munich VS Manchester UTD or Inter de Milán VS Villarreal in this little Champions League. The Wospac team participated in the youth category an did a great job. We emphasize the tie to 1 against FC Barcelona. It was the most entertaining match of the day.

Any player who wants to have the opportunity to improve their football skills and facing world-class clubs, can get information about the different programs offered by Wospac Stages. You can be the protagonist of this experience the next year. You can play the next MIC.

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