WOSPAC BARCELONA have had the honor to welcome ANZA FORCE Academy child during one week.

It was young players between 11 and 12 years old, who’s had the opportunity to realize the technical WOSPAC training. The method was created for improve technical, tactical and physical attribut. But the most important part was that players have fun during their training. Finally, to confirm skills learned during their training, players met a similar level team.

But the stay isn’t only for the training since players had the opportunity to visit Barcelona city during their free afternoon. The weather, the gastronomy and the visits have allowed to live fully the WOSPAC experience. During the visits ANZA FORCE players had the pleasure to visit FC BARCELONA installation. At this occasion they had attend a training of professional team, and met Xemi who is a player of FC BARCELONA B.

It was a pleasure to share this time with you.

Alex Bosacoma

Barcelona Football Agent

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