Donovan Roux continues to make progress

The entire WOSPAC team is pleased to know that our friend Donovan Roux continues to make progress by leaps and bounds. The 15-year-old has had a great season on his current team: the CAROLINA RAPIDS of North Carolina. Donovan scored 14 goals in 20 games in the U14 category. Donovan was part of the WOSPAC…

Anza Force in Barcelona

WOSPAC BARCELONA have had the honor to welcome ANZA FORCE Academy child during one week. It was young players between 11 and 12 years old, who’s had the opportunity to realize the technical WOSPAC training. The method was created for improve technical, tactical and physical attribut. But the most important part was that players have…

Wospac Vs FC Barcelona in MIC

As usual at this days, there is a prestigious base football tournament. We refer to the MIC (Meditarranean International Cup). It’s a contest that brings together a large number of base teams from Spain and Catalonia, and also we must add the representation of the reserve of the main teams in Europe. This year they…

PSWY stay in Wospac Barcelona

It was a pleasure to receive at WOSPAC Barcelona, American Prince William Courage academy students of WoodBridge of Virginia. Team is composed by players between 15 to 16 years old and by 2 coach to supervise the training. The main objective of the stay was to realize technical training which offer by WOSPAC. Exercises consisted…

WOSPAC Summer Camps

As every summer WOSPAC performed and, participates as partner collaborator in various campus of football around the world.

WOSPACTeams trainings

Last week in WOSPAC, we welcomed three teams from the United States, with the aim of maximising their participation at the Donosti Cup which will be held this week in the Basque country.

Luca Antoacci Stay

Luca Antonacci, from the USA state of North Carolina ended his stay of 3 weeks in the SOCCER Stages program, where he arrived after a visit of the UE Cornellà facilities.

Sean Burnett stay at WOSPAC

After a week with us in the SOCCER Stages program, we bid farewell one of the youngest members who have gone through our program, Sean “Akira” Burnett .

Goodbye Makio

Makio Yamamoto, American player of the annual program of SOCCER Stages the last 2 years and a half, bid farewell today to the family of WOSPAC, to undertake a new football and academic adventure in the United States.

WOSPAC Champions!

In its first participation in the Copa Barcelona, WOSPAC, has succeeded and has won his first title in its history, after winning 4-2 against Viaro, and stringing a run of 9 consecutive wins.

Join WOSPAC Stages

Only 3 months left for the start of the new season of the 10 months program of WOSPAC SOCCER Stages, and we are looking for guys like you who want to be part of one of the best soccer academies around the world, located in an ideal place, Barcelona and having the opportunity to train in the quarry of UE Cornellà , the…

Gavin, American quality

Today it is the turn introduce Gavin Euksuzian, a 14 years old player born in the United States, which is enjoying his second season within the program of 10 months of SOCCER Stages of WOSPAC.