The main objective of WOSPAC is to offer the highest added value for its services in order to increase the benefits and satisfaction of the players, and with this to achieve all the proposed sports goals.  We have been doing this for over many years and we would like to keep going this way. However, to do this, WOSPAC works on finding and creating new agreements with clubs and institutions worldwide that improve the development of people in a unique way. We are looking for Academies / Schools / Clubs / Organization that want to increase the level of their coaches, their players and the overall coaching and performing level of their entity. WOSPAC can provide your entity with PRO coaches that will help you in all the aspects needed, adapting them to the soccer methodologies of the best youth clubs of Barcelona and Spain.

The PARTNERSHIP between WOSPAC and your entity will provide PRO services of 200 hours per year

Courses for coaches
Consults about the methodology of the club
Master class
Personal training (technification)
Video analysis
Training per line
Goalkeeper training

On the other hand if you want to link your Entity with WOSPAC Barcelona and get extra profits we will provide you with the INTERNATIONAL FORMATION PROGRAM AGREEMENT to take your coaches and players to higher level.


  • Course for 2 players including residency program for 2 weeks in Barcelona for free.
  • Course for 2 coaches including residency for 2 weeks in Barcelona for free.
  • Course for 8 players including residency for 2 weeks in Barcelona.
  • Course for 1 team of 20 persons for 10 days in Barcelona.

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