WOSPAC is a company that focuses on high quality sport training and education for athletes and coaches.  

Yes, as for today it operates in more than 12 countries, with headquarters in Barcelona.

USA, Canada, Australia, Spain, Japan, China, Korea, Russia, Peru, Chile, Bermuda, Poland, Brazil, etc.

WOSPAC was established in 2009.

Actually we have players between 8 and 25 years of age.

WOSPAC has agreements with many clubs in Barcelona on different levels. It has to be emphasized, that in soccer, the partnership it has with UE Cornellà, a team that has partnership with FC Barcelona, so the best players can have the chance to play for them.

Through UE Cornellà. It’s a club in Spain that has a partnership contract that gives a priority to FC Barcelona to have the first option to purchase the players who play for UE Cornellà.

Jordi Alba – First team of FC Barcelona, Ilie Sanchez –  FC Barcelona B, Rubén Miño– FC Barcelona B, Lucas Gafarot – FC Barcelona B, etc.

The players attend an international school where the working language is English, and the validation of the studies is direct. It is also an option to study in a public school, where the working language is Catalonian.

On the other hand, the players learn Spanish naturally, with the coaches of WOSPAC and with the teams where they play. Although our coaches speak English, we want our players to learn Spanish as quickly as possible, and through the sport, they learn the new language without realizing it.

They come from all over the world. Actually we have 16 different nationalities in the annual programs of WOSPAC Barcelona.

Apart from all that are related to the stays of individual athletes, coaches, teams and partners in Barcelona, WOSPAC also helps players worldwide to play in other countries, in addition to managing sporting entities, organizing events, helping in promoting players and organizing Campus and Tryouts all over the world.

It is open during all the year. During the season, from September to June, there are annual, monthly and weekly stays for players. In off-season there are Campus, Clinics and Tryouts organised for the players. However, there are stays organised for teams, coaches and also touristic stays during the whole year.