With WOSPAC Stages, we guarantee that your fitness level will grow exponentially. You will have the opportunity to work under the orders of coaches at TOP level and participate in training of the best teams in the city of Barcelona, allowing you evolve athletically and improve your fitness level and your skills, reaching a higher level than you imagined. We are so confident of this, that if your fitness level is not progressing as expected, we refund your money.


In WOSPAC Stages, we also want you adapt and you integrate best with teammates and coaches around you. Therefore it is essential that your level of Spanish improves in the same way as your fitness level. Thus, from the first day, we will provide Spanish classes so you can go comprising orders coaches and integrate with teammates as quickly as possible. We guarantee that after a year your level of Spanish will be excellent.


Located on the Mediterranean coast, Barcelona enjoys a pleasant climate throughout the year. Temperate winters and hot summers are what characterize our climate and above all, sunny days most of the year. Anyone who has the opportunity to spend some time in Barcelona is captivated by its climate. The weather of the city, will allow you to enjoy the numerous leisure activities and opportunities.


Today, security is an issue that concerns us all and that we are increasingly aware and Barcelona is considered one of the safest cities in the world. Since WOSPAC, guaranteed to all members of its programs as well as their families, complete supervision and control of activities to develop our athletes both athletic, academic and in their day to day at the residence or for those extra activities they can perform.