At WOSPAC we work with PRO and SEMI-PRO UEFA Pro Coaches from Spain. We develop your Academy / School / Club / Organization under the soccer methodologies of big youth clubs of Spain. We want to help you with the experience of more than 25 years running clubs and teams. We want to guide your entity to have better coaching for your players and help them to develop their skills alike the Spanish teams and lastly, WOSPAC USA Barcelona Academy is here to support, and not compete against you. We want to increase the level of the players, the level of the coaches, and the level of your coaching, all to your benefits. Furthermore, WOSPAC has excellent partnerships with federations and competitive clubs in the sports world that allows us to offer unique opportunities to train. For these reasons, we can implement their training methods into a unique WOSPAC mixture.

The Catalan Football Federation (FCF) Method – It does not matter how long you have or do not have possession, but, what is important is the quality of possessions; the ability to know what to do when you have possession and how to position yourself when your opponent has it. Taking into account that the rival team is the one that is capable of performing excellent behavior and many others in a sufficient manner. In addition to this Catalan football method, is the direct attack, what increases the chances of success at the opponent’s goal because of its superiority value, it is about taking advantage of spaces and the ability to create a surprise.

The FC Barcelona Method – We are also applying the soccer mythology of one of the greatest, or even the greatest club in the world, F.C. Barcelona. Their training methodology has been the example of development, teaching, excellence and success. The training created by WOSPAC will follow these same strategies. An excellent example of this is the famous Tiki-taka play; hereby we emphasize this style of play in soccer what is characterized by short passing and movement, working the ball through various channels, and maintaining possession. Regardless of the strategies we also want to bring out their values such as respect, tolerance, fair play, friendship and many others.

The UE Cornella Method- UE Cornella knows from experience how to develop players and let them become there true self or even better. Their name is well known for their excellent player’s development methods and WOSPAC has the knowledge to continue this method. By aspects such as; learn and master the main techniques and skills, learn to read the game and expect scenarios, learn technical response and change according to the game and opponent.