Academic and personal development. To do this, they apply the training methodologies used in Barcelona’s top professional clubs and academies over the past 25 years.


WOSPAC is the most innovative international soccer academy in Spain, because with its highly qualified technical staff, first-class facilities and high-performance way of working, we have developed a revolutionary exclusive sports education program designed for soccer players from all over the world between the ages of 10 and 24 years old.

WOSPAC Stages has top agreements with elite soccer associations and clubs that allow us to offer unique opportunities to train and play with the best teams in Barcelona and Spain. We want you to learn, enjoy and develop as a player with the best teams in Barcelona. Join WOSPAC!

Collaboration between WOSPAC and UECornellĂ 

WOSPAC and its CEO Alex Bosacoma (UEFA Pro Coach, UECornellĂ ’s International Sport Director and Head Coach of UECornellĂ ’s Reserves) have a unique collaboration with UECornellĂ  to develop international players and help them improve play for teams in Spain and Europe. In the past five (5) years, UECornellĂ  has transferred one hundred (100) players to professional clubs in Europe, 34 of them to FC Barcelona, 27 to RCDEspanyol and 6 to Real Madrid.

WOSPAC has over 15 years of experience…

Present on five continents to train and develop soccer players, coaches and professionals. In Barcelona, the agreement between WOSPAC and high-profile clubs such as UECornellĂ  allows players and coaches from all over the world to join the best clubs in Catalonia.

And now WOSPAC has reached out to the whole world with the clear aim of taking many soccer players to another sporting level, giving them real options to become professionals in Spain and Europe, or with the aim of offering the best academic and sporting opportunities to young people of all in universities and elite soccer teams.

Our goal is clear…

We want to increase the odds of our student-athletes achieving all of their athletic, academic, and personal dreams…and we want you to do just that.

We live in a world of great competition where it’s the small details that make you succeed, that’s why if you are passionate and want to achieve your sporting goals…you have to choose WOSPAC to make your dream come true.

So come to train with us! and put your trust in WOSPAC national and international methodology and programs!!

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