Winter CAMPS

December and January

Summer CAMPS

June and July

Profesional CAMPS

On demand

WOSPAC provides players with the opportunity to do a Spanish Soccer Camp in United States. During these camps, the participants learn and practice all the technical and tactical concepts on which the methodology of the best clubs in Barcelona and Spanish. Choose the campus that suits you best, also depending on your region of residence.

Depending on age, soccer level, and goals to be achieved, WOSPAC offers high-performance and developing campuses who want to improve and make the most of their vacation while enjoying a great experience. If you want to develop as soccer player, WOSPAC is your academy! The sessions are led by UEFA coaches with extensive experience in developing young soccer players. The methodology and courses focus on practicing and mastering all essential aspects of the game and those specific to each position.

If you want to get the most out of your training… WOSPAC is the answer. Do not hesitate to contact us!