Conferences & Tips

WOSPAC understands the importance of a strong club or academy for success in soccer… That is why WOSPAC offers conferences of all kinds such as: informational sessions, marketing sessions, educational sessions, etc. We understand that good coaching is one of the most important points to work on, so let’s start spreading knowledge and information to everyone: players, coaches, parents, partners … everyone! Let’s do it together!

We offer free chats with entities around the world to spread the word about soccer and help entities grow both locally and internationally. WOSPAC is willing to assist all the bodies that make up your being, and help you get better. Feel free to contact us and we will see how we can help.


Advice Entities

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At WOSPAC – The World Sport Academy – we take the training and sports promotion of our clients very seriously, which is why more and more soccer players, coaches, clubs, academies, schools and universities from all over the world are reaching out to us to help them. We help any person or entity who needs us, always with the goal that the other party will see the benefit of our cooperation. So if you are an entity, coach or soccer player, contact us so we can help you.

WOSPAC is a company with more than 25 years of experience in the world of soccer, we have contacts in Barcelona at all levels and can help you achieve your goals both nationally and internationally. We want to create a WIN-WIN collaboration where we can collaborate, improve and train. We need to improve each other and we hope you will contact us for help.