Soccer Coaching Courses

At WOSPAC, we train you to become the soccer coach of the future. We train you theoretically and practically with the best professionals. On a theoretical level, you can do the training face-to-face or online. On a practical level, you can carry out your training in the UECornellĂ  teams or in the local clubs in Barcelona. We offer you a comprehensive multi-year training plan with which you can make your passion your way of life. We advise you to choose one of our educational and sports courses so that you can become a successful coach at the national and international level.

WOSPAC is an international soccer academy with a fully integrated professional soccer program to help national and international coaches reach their full potential. WOSPAC works with UECornellĂ  de Barcelona to provide their coaches with a real soccer coaching experience.

WOSPAC and UECornellĂ  offer you a revolutionary program for your theoretical and practical training, where you can train in the world of high competition. We recommend you train in the world of high competition with WOSPAC and UECornellĂ  in Barcelona, and we guarantee that you will learn everything you need to work in professional teams around the world.

You will learn to plan, evaluate and develop high level teams and players of all ages. You will apply the right methods, strategies, techniques and methodologies at every stage of the formation of these teams and players. Everything is very simple if you know how to do it, and someone teaches you how to do it in theory and in practice. WOSPAC provides you with the tools on your path to success.

Management Soccer Team

Learn the skills of how to understand the trends in the world of modern soccer

Soccer Tactics

Learn the skills of how to organize, improve and correct your team through analysis

Professional Soccer

Learn the skills of how professional teams coach and operate

Soccer Psychology

Learn the skills of using psychology in professional soccer players